How to Use Essential Oils in Yoga

Like crystals, essential oils are a perfect match with your yoga practice. Did you know that essential oil use, also referred to as aromatherapy, is able to enhance your overall well-being by raising your energetic frequency

Benefits of Essential Oils.

1. Your body becomes sick when cells have too low a frequency and voltage. Interestingly, clinical research has shown that essential oils, out of any natural elements have the highest frequency. 

2. If that wasn’t enough, essential oils also have high concentrations of which are known to neutralize and remove free radicals from the body and balance out the number of free radicals to the antioxidant ratio in one’s body.

3. By inhaling a particular oil or blend of oils you signal immediately to your brain, subconscious stimulate a particular emotion.

So the emotional signaling, antioxidant content, and frequency raising benefits of essential oil make them an important tool for maintaining well-being in the modern world. 

So, how do essential oils work?

By applying essential oil to the skin, your body absorbs the oil, oil is absorbed into the bloodstream metabolized and eventually eliminated from the body.
Concentrated, add a few drops of your essential oil into water or a filler oil like coconut oil.

Some Essential Oil Ideas:

1. Wear an oil diffuser bracelet!

Make or buy a lava stone bracelet and place a few drops of essential oil on each bead. Once you place oil on a bead, turn the bead, allowing the oil to cover and enter the whole bead. This diffuser bracelet can last a day or two, then reapply oil!

2. Make a DIY Spray

Use a glass spray bottle, Epson salt (optional), 2 oz glass spray bottle, 7-10 drops of essential oil, filtered/spring water. Mix the salt and oil then add the water. Shake before using. 

3. Put a swipe of oil on you as you meditate, do yoga, pilates or relaxing.

Inhale, rub on the temples, or spray Lavender, Sandalwood, Chamomile, or Peppermint essential oils. You can also naturally clean your yoga mats with clove, citrus, or tea tree oil. 

4. Use an essential oil commercial perfume

Companies are now making wonderful essential oil blends, designed to work together for a particular intention or health issue. Choose an oil, based a body part or system that you would like to heal. 

For example, Rose Oil and Peppermint Oil can help the brain/concentration, Cypress helps the Circulatory system, Birch helps the bones and Basil helps the muscles. 

5. Place oil on the sole of the foot. 

To apply topically on the skin, the bottoms of the feet. This part of the body quickly absorbs and distributes the oil into your body!

( You may even find candles scented with essential oils to enhance your practice. Don’t hesitate to look fabulous on the mat. Shop yoga leggings here. )

Intentions and Corresponding Oils:

Self-love intention: Pair with Geranium Essential Oil. Geranium is a heart chakra oil and has a high vibration. This helps you send that intention out into the universe that you are looking to expand, receive, you are looking to have some more self-love. 

Spiritual Connection Yoga Intention: Frankincense is a super-high frequency oil. It is a sacred oil linked to spirit guides, angels, and higher spiritual connections. If you are a highly spiritually-focused yoga class, you can also use Geranium oil because of its high frequency. 

Relaxation: Lavender Oil goes well with restorative practices. Lavender is a good oil to use at the end of a yoga class because it takes your energy down. Coriander can also be mixed with lavender in a spray bottle and spritzed or relaxation. 

Energy: Use Wild Orange to boost your energy and creative abilities!