Atypical Yoga Accessories

A typical Yogi knows that when you enter a yoga studio, or you set up to practice at home, your standard choice of yoga-wear is some yoga pants along with a fitted top of some sort. It’s kind of nice to know that you don’t really have to dress up to do your favorite exercise. Many Yogis live by the ideology of “simple is best”, but sometimes it is fun to look outside the box at some of the cool accessories that are offered to those who practice. We all know about typical props and accessories, such as yoga straps, bolsters, and even blocks, to help you on the mat, but here are some with which you may not be as familiar.

Haram Pants

Haram pants are designed for both men and women and are distinguished by their voluminous material, therefore allowing for more room for the lower part of your body. They are extremely comfortable and can be worn in all types of yoga classes (except for hot yoga because the extra fabric would probably make you feel like your legs are on fire).

They are baggy and loose-fitting but are cut off at the ankle so that you are not tripping over them. Some are loose all over, and some allow for a banded high-rise waist and then they balloon out. The drop-crotch allows for ample movement in all forms of asanas, so feel free to strike a pose in these wonderfully, comfortable pants.

Although they have been around for a while, nowadays they are represented with a bohemian style that is relaxed and free-flowing; most have a colorful design pattern all over them, and some offer pockets which makes them ideal to continue wearing after your practice, when you have to run a few errands.

Yoga Socks and Wraps

First, let us clarify the difference between yoga socks and yoga wraps. Imagine yoga wraps as more of a ballet slipper that allows your toes to be free, and a grip provides better traction for your feet when you are stepping on the mat. Most slip on easily like a sock and have slits along the sides to allow for your feet to breathe. This type of accessory is definitely something that would benefit you in a hot yoga class where you sweat a lot, and you are having difficulty keeping your poses because your feet are slipping.

Yoga socks are more like leg warmers, but here the toes and heals have holes so that you can still gain traction on your mat. They are cozy, comfortable, and come in all sorts of colors to match the rest of your yoga-wear.

Yoga Gloves

Yoga gloves are much like the yoga wraps, in that your fingers are exposed and there are non-slip bumps that allow for you to have better grip on the mat when hanging out in an inversion pose.

Although all the options can add a bit of style to your yoga uniform, each one is made to help you make the best out of your practice.